VPN use on the Rise – Why You Should Use One Too

We are talking about virtual private networks or VPNs with many of the States around the country or around the world in remote lockdown mode where people are either shelter in place or their companies have shut down, or you’re not working at home. Kids are out of school.

When it comes to security, virtual private networks are a great defense against snoopers to your internet browsing traffic. They also provide security end to end from the end point to the sites that you’re going for as, as word out using the networks more and more and more, uh, we want to make sure that the end to end security both for your own personal viewing, but any type of business that you might be doing, um, exclusively out of your home network now is secure as possible.

And VPNs provide that as long as you, um, go through my past episodes and look at posts and find reputable paid for VPN services. There are very few VPN services out there that are free Firefox or Mozilla. I know is rolling. One out McAfee has one. Some of the big name companies, um, have some limited functional ones, but a VPN is one of those services that you should go pay for. Do your due diligence on research or reach out. And I can help you point point in the ways of, of which ones that I use and which ones that I have used, but VPNs are one of those things that you pay for, because there’s a couple of things that you want. One, you want to make sure that it’s reputable and they do provide secure, um, secure services. On the flip side of that, the whole point of VPNs is privacy.

The virtual private network is for private. So the VPN services need to be reputable and have proven that they do not keep logs of their, of their use. And what that means is is that even though if you’re using one of the free VPNs, that it’s not free, what they’re doing is they’re collecting your internet, browsing traffic, tying it back to you, and then going and selling it for ad revenue. And that’s, that’s how majority of those make their money. Um, or if you’re going out and doing things on the internet service provider, other agencies could go request your traffic. If you’re using a VPN that is a zero log policy, then you can use that with, um, you know, fairly good confidence that they’re not going to track anything that what you do. So why would you want to use that? Well, even though you’re using your internet service provider, they’re providing you quote unquote free range of the internet.

They’re tracking everything that you watch. They know every single website that you go to, what you’re searching for on Google. Um, they can track all of those types of things. And if you’ve ever mistakenly downloaded something that you weren’t to your ISP may have gotten a letter from a movie company or a music company say, Hey, you downloaded this illegally. Well, the way they know that is they know exactly where you went. If you’re using a VPN, um, they can’t see what you’re doing. They know that you’re using the internet, but they don’t know where you’re going or the types of activity that you’re doing on it. And that’s one of the benefits of it. The same goes for any other network that you’re connecting to. So even though a lot of us are shelter in place, you’re not connected to, you may not be connected to networks that you’re familiar with at your corporate, your home.

You may move around, you may go to a neighbor’s house or you’re not supposed to right now, but, um, you may be a little bit more mobile with your computing devices than not. And when you do that, when you’re connecting to unfamiliar networks, using a VPN will protect you from being seen for what you’re browsing, but also protect you from anything else on that network. From watching what you’re doing. The other thing VPNs can provide you to do is that, um, geo location. So a lot of times these entertainment, especially if you’re getting into, um, YouTube or some of these other video services, and you, you run out of things to watch. I mean, it’s going to happen. People are going to get bored and you want to access some other stuff from other countries, let’s say, well, there might be videos that are located in the UK that are not allowed to be viewed by people in the United States for legal reasons.

And lawyers like to set up rules. But if you’re using a VPN that has proxies all over the world, you can switch your proxy to use a UK proxy. And then because you’re browsing anonymously and private, the video that you’re accessing sees that you’re coming from somewhere in the UK. And so you can access geo restricted or geo locked content, kind of a little bit of a workaround, but, um, that’s, that’s the other benefit of, of VPN. You can also use, um, services all over, proxies all over the world to make it look like those sites that you’re looking at are coming from the UK, just to hide your location, that you’re not coming to United States or coming from Canada or Mexico or the Hong Kong or, or, um, the UK, Australia, wherever. And depending on the service, some might have a few hundred. So might have a few thousand proxy servers all over the world and you can connect to any one of them and appear to be coming from somewhere else in the world.

But VPNs use are soaring as it should. If you’re don’t use a VPN, I would highly recommend investing in one, finding one, again, other thing with the paid services that you can use it on multiple devices at the same time. Uh, the one that I use is express VPN. I can use it on five devices. So I have it on my mobile devices. I have it on my PCs. And, um, and as I’m moving devices around, I turn it off on stuff that I’m not using this kind of from the network, turn it on to the ones that I am using, but the, my VPN is running all the time on all the devices that I have. So in this case, security, um, focuses getting an increase, unfortunately through very uncomfortable personal situations, but we’ll get all through this and we’ll come out, speak clean on the other end, hopefully. So security and five be aware, be safe.

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