How to upgrade AVG license with the activation code?

AVG antivirus is one of the most popular cybersecurity programs on the market today. It offers a wide variety of features in addition to convenient and stable protection from viruses and hostile software. AVG offers different tariffs to choose from, and the price on them depends on the functionality. Most of the customers prefer to use the free basic license of the application to get just antivirus protection. This article will provide all the information and useful tips on how to improve the license of AVG to get better versatility.

The right way to activate AVG antivirus

Even though the main antivirus protection function does not depend on the type of the license of AVG antivirus, some vital features do. Many customers decide to switch to the advanced tariff after trying out the basic license and seek for the ways to do it. The most obvious and convenient way to do it is with activation code.

Using AVG activation code – Author Tips:

  • You can find the activation code in the email or in your personal account after the purchasing of the license on the official AVG website. It may take some time to get it, so do not rush to contact the support team.
  • Buy it only from official software-selling websites. The best way is to trust only the official AVG website though.
  • Make sure you use it for the right account because these activation codes can be applied only one time. Of course, you can always ask for the replacement, but it is better to be attentive.
  • Keep the code in secret and do not share it with others.

Why to upgrade?

Some users find it unnecessary to pay for the license if there is a free version of the application that provides the same basic function of protection. However, upgrading to more advanced tariffs is quite reasonable for most of the users.

Reasons to pay more:

  • Additional features like Gaming mode or Parental control are just essential for some PC users out there. You might not even know how much you needed some of the additional features before you try them.
  • Competitive prices of the tariffs give the application perfect value for money and make it affordable for everyone.
  • In-built Firewall feature that is available only in the advanced version of the AVG antivirus. Firewall provides almost ultimate protection of the sensitive information and personal data of the user.

Bottom line

Additional features of the advanced licenses of AVG antivirus make the upgrade reasonable for most of the users. But if you are still on the fence about whether you should pay more or not, you can read the comments of the customers on the official website or dedicated to protection software forums. You can activate the program with a code using the tips the article gives.

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