How to get rid of the Avast Secure Browser easily?

How to get rid of the Avast Secure Browser easily? - Post Thumbnail

Avast Antivirus is one of the most advanced cybersecurity applications for ordinary computer users today. However, regardless of the good reputation the program has gained over the years, customers face some issues with the installation lately. One of the main complaints is the hidden installation of other software products of the company, including Avast Secure Browser. It is annoying to get programs you did not ask for, especially considering that this browser is not a viable option. This article will help to delete it without difficulties and external help.

Steps to disable Avast Secure Browser

Even though the process of disabling the processes of the browser and deleting it from the computer are not advanced tasks, some amateur PC users might not be aware of how to do it. If you are one of them, fell free to follow the instructions!

How to Disable Avast Secure Browser in 3 Easy steps through the Control Panel:

  • Find the Control Panel through the start menu or using the Windows search function. You need to open Programs and Applications in the dialog window that will appear.
  • The next page that will pop up shows the list of all the apps you have on the PC. You can either scroll through them or use the search feature again to locate Avast Secure Browser. Choose the “uninstall” option in the bottom right corner and confirm your action in the dialog.
  • The system should launch the application’s uninstaller that will offer a variety of different scenarios of deleting the program. You can either get rid of all the data or leave it in the system. After choosing the suitable one, wait for the process to be completed and reboot your computer.

If you are not sure about whether you should get rid of the Avast Secure Browser or not, you can just disable its activity in the Task Manager. To open it press the combination of “ctrl”, “alt” and “delete” keys. When it is open you should find Avast Browser in the list right click on it and choose the “end the process” option in the dialog. This will only disable all the functionality of the browser without deleting it completely.

Why should you disable Avast Secure Browser?

The main reason of the complaints on the Avast Secure Browser is that it installs on the computer without the permission from the user. However, it is not the only reason. This browser has quite poor interface and has proved to be quite unprotected from hackers attacks. Some users reported data losses because of it.


Avast Secure Browser can appear on your PC after installing Avast antivirus, because it comes in a bundle to it. However, users might get frustrated to download something they did not intend to. Disabling this browser is not a complicated task and can be done even by an amateur user.

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