High protection without performance sacrifices

Antivirus applications have become an essential part of any user’s operating systems. Performance is not usually one of the main criteria for computer users while choosing the most appropriate cybersecurity program, until they face some issues with it. Modern antiviruses can provide a high-level protection along with many additional features that can be the cause of slowdowns of the system. The main purpose of this article is to explain what the core of performance related issues is and how to fix them without any help on the example of Avast antivirus.

Get rid of the slowdowns

The number of the users that address the internet with the search query: “Avast Slowing Computer – How to Fix?” has increased since last year. Updates of the application solve some of the problems but it does not seem to work out well. Users have to find the ways to improve the performance by themselves.

The first step is identifying the root of the slowdowns:

  • It can be the new update that brought features that are more demanding or launched new services.
  • Background scanning services can often slow down the system and load the computer’s CPU and RAM.
  • Low performance potential of the computer. Even though Avast antivirus has low requirements for the installment and smooth experience, there are still systems that can lack power to run it in the background.
  • Dumped operating system and lack of the disks space. Avast antivirus cannot function smoothly with the small amount of free space on the hard drive.

DIY solution to the performance issues

All that is left to do after the identifying of the root of the slowdowns is to find the solution. Here some tips on how you can do it by yourself:

  • Turn off the always-on background-scanning feature and set it to the manual mode in the options of the program. Do not forget to scan the system on viruses regularly, at least once or twice a month.
  • Try to upgrade the PC specs. You can get the most significant increase in performance after adding RAM to the computer, which is also the easiest way. This method requires some money investments so it is better to try out other ones before it.
  • Use dedicated applications to clean up your computer’s system. You want to make sure that all of the useless files are deleted and only the vital processes are running in the background permanently.
  • If nothing works, try to contact the support team and ask their help.


Avast antivirus is not a demanding application, nevertheless a lot of users face performance related issues while using it. In most cases the cause of them is quite simple and can be fixed without any help by following the given instructions and tips. Usually, keeping the system clean and turning off useless background processes are all that is required for the good performance of the computer.

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